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InaHEA Annual Scientific Meeting & International Seminar

Indonesian Health Economics Association (InaHEA) is an association of experts in the field of health economics in Indonesia. InaHEA is affiliated with International Health Economics Association (IHEA) that already existed as the biggest health economic forum in the world. Since 2014, InaHEA is consistent holding annual scientific meeting discussing various current issues related to health economic in Indonesia.

The prospective participants are not only limited to academician. This annual scientific meeting also important for policy makers related to health service development, top and middle management of health institution, decision makers and NGO related to healthcare.




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International Conference on Law, Governance and Globalization

Globalization attracts dramatic change in how worlds interacts. In this interaction, fast mobility is undeniable, interests and competition are getting close, tight and varies. Globalization advances the law to change, adapt and as consequences a new institutional order arises. Most of the time, this institutional order is expressed in many approaches in the context of law even though globalization drives it to one connectivity. This expression of approaches, however, could be benefits and drawbacks at the same time due to the fact that it affects investment, democracy, international relations, corruption, terrorism and social justice.

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Islamic law has exaggerated worlds of business and finance from countries where Islam are commonly practiced expands to a wider countries and societies. There are challenges on how to accommodate the implementation of the Islamic law insight to the business practice and the law. Those challenge includes ICIBL provides opportunities for authors and speakers to present their work. We encourage participants to focus their papers and address the conference themes. Within this broad conference theme, there are six chambers in which will focus on the following themes Banking Law, Commercial and Company Law, Insurance Law, Financial System and Regulation, Islamic Jurisprudence, Zakah and Waqf Governance

Therefore, it is essential to provide legal and regulative framework encompassing the adoption of Islamic law ensuring legal certainty and compliance both for the government and business and society.

The conference conducted by The Faculty of Law Universitas Airlangga in collaboration with Faculty of Law and International Relations Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin Malaysia, provides forum for sharing ideas, updating issues, discussing and finding solution on contemporary issues in Islamic business law. At the end this conference is aiming to promote and develop Islamic Business law.


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International Meeting On Regenerative Medicine


Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,


It is a great honor and pleasure we are inviting you to International Meeting on Regenerative Medicine from Foundational Bioscience to Human Functioning that will be held on 15th-16th August 2017 in Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya, Indonesia.


This international meeting aims to discuss about the rules of regenerative medicine regarding basic bioscience in human function and how to apply it in solving the problems of functional capacity related to the terms of body structures, body functions, activities and participation. By attending this event, it is a great chance for all of us to meet and greet among us and also exchanging our experiences, knowledge and best practices throughout the sessions and workshops for the benefit of improving our patient safety as well as our ethical way in treating patient.


Looking forward to meet you soon in Surabaya and please contact us for further information.

Thank you for your contribution and support for making our event a successful one.
Warmest regards,


Rwahita Satyawati. dr., SpKFR(K)

Congress Chairman



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International Conference Postgraduate School Universitas Airlangga Surabaya

A new website of ICPSUAS 2017 is launched today, Wednesday, May 17th, 2017.

The address is: http://pasca.unair.ac.id/icpsuas.

Please all participants who have registered at the old website on conference.unair.ac.id re-register to the new website.


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The 17th Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy

To date, pharmacists have developed their roles in clinical pharmacy. Pharmacy curricula have been improved to cover the demand from stake holders along with the increase of clinical pharmacist needed in the hospitals. Meanwhile, clinical pharmacy services in community pharmacy setting have also started to rise as more “patient oriented” services paradigm and “pharmaceutical care” concept has been accepted in Asian countries.

The original idea of ACCP came from Asian pharmacists who were looking for a practical conference in which they could exchange and share ideas on the concept of clinical pharmacy. In 1996, representatives from China, Korea, Japan, and USA met in Seoul, Korea to plan for the first conference. As a result, the first East Asia Conference on Developing Clinical Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy Education (EACDCPPE) was held in America in 1997. Only 36 representatives attended and it was planned by pioneers as bi-annual meeting. In 1999, the second EACDCPPE was successively held in Shanghai. This conference enables more representatives in Asia countries to realize the differences between Asian and Western countries in development of clinical pharmacy.

When the third conference was held in Japan in 2003, the title of the conference was changed to Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP). This opened the conference to more Asian countries also the subject of clinical pharmacy was more strengthened. With series of other Asian countries such as Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and so on attended ACCP, as well as with the rapid development of clinical pharmacy in Asia, every country was enthusiastic in attending and holding this conference. On the 5th conference in Malaysia in 2005, the decision was made among the representatives of the member countries to hold the conference annually instead of biannually for efficiency and convenience in regards to communicating and sharing about clinical pharmacy.

Indonesia hosted the 8th ACCP in Surabaya in 2008, and is hosting the 17th ACCP in Yogyakarta this year. This year will be a celebration for 20 years of ACCP. During the past 20 years, ACCP has been a major event in the clinical pharmacy scope in Asia and has been conducted in various countries especially in Asia. Clinical pharmacists have attended this prestigious meeting to share their experience in the fields of practice, research, and education on clinical pharmacy. Clinical-pharmacist experts from USA, Canada, Australia, and UK have continuously come and transfer their knowledge and shared advance clinical pharmacy practice experiences. This conference supports rapid knowledge and experience transfer and enhances the emerging of clinical pharmacy practice in Asia.

Vision Statement

ACCP will be the leading force in Asia in initiating and promoting clinical pharmacy practice, education, and research.

Mission Statement

ACCP is composed of clinical pharmacy practitioners, educators, researchers, administrators, and other interested individuals that provide leadership, direction, advocacy, and a place for idea exchange in order to promote excellence in clinical pharmacy practice, education, and research in Asia.


  • Holding an annual conference designed to promote the concepts of clinical pharmacy and offer a place for dissemination
    and exchange of new knowledge and ideas in the areas of practice, education, and research in Asia.
  • Fostering the development of clinical pharmacy leadership and advocacy in Asia.
  • Seeking participation by practitioners educators researchers, scientists, administrators, students, residents, fellows,
    and other committed to excellence in clinical pharmacy in Asia.
  • Promoting interdisciplinary practice, education, and research models in Asia.
  • Promoting the establishment of strong clinical pharmacy programs in the college of pharmacy in Asia.
  • Encouraging the teaching methodologies of problem based learning, case based learning, and other active learning concepts
    in pharmacy education in Asia.
  • Espousing a philosophy of practice that identifies the patient as the primary beneficiary of clinical pharmacy services
    (patient centered practice model).
  • Promoting the practice of pharmacotherapy that optimizes patient outcomes and develops evidenced-based practitioners in Asia.
  • Enhancing the value of clinical pharmacy services in the health care systems in Asia.
  • Encouraging the documentation of clinical pharmacy services and interventions in health care facilities in Asia.
  • Assisting in the establishment of clinical pharmacy services in all health care settings in Asia.
  • Disseminating/publishing new innovations and research in clinical pharmacy in Asia.
  • Promoting clinical pharmacy research in Asia.


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The Veterinary Medicine International Conference - VMIC

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The 4th International Conference on Urban Studies : Border and Mobility


Faculty of Humanities of Universitas Airlangga will hold its 4th International Conference. The main theme of the 2017 conference is “Transgressing (B)Order: Place, Space, Identity and Discourse”. This conference focuses in the impacts of urban mobility on issues surrounding borders.

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The 3rd International Conference of Psychology in Health, Education Social and Organization


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The 2nd International Conference of Pharmaceutics and Phamaceutical Sciences


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International Conference on Record and Library


Local knowledge or local wisdom is a knowledge that is owned by the society and inherited hereditarily as well as used to support their social lives. The local knowledge consists of various social knowledges in various fields such as farming, oceanography, and health. Some embodiments of local knowledge in the health field are traditional medication that uses natural materials, and child care that applies a local wisdom approach. An example of the local wisdom is when tsunami occurred in Aceh in which many fisherman living in Simeulue Island had found out the initial signs of Tsunami from their ancestors’ story which was hereditarily told. According to their ancestors, when earthquake happened and it was followed by the receding sea water, they must climb to the plateau. In 2004, a severe earthquake happened in Aceh and it was followed by the reciding sea water. Further, the tsunami would occur soon afterwards.In this case, they succeeded in staying alive because they climb to the plateau.

For the time being, in this globalization era which is marked by borderless countries and cultures, the information creation and dissemination are getting faster and those have made the society slowly forget their inherited local knowledge. The advancement of information and communication technology is inseparable from the science development which produces new innovations in creating useful products. That phenomenon appeared suddenly, but  it came from the local or the traditional knowledge developed by the local people which is, then,further developed to be a new knowledge that kept being updated. Further, the local knowledge and other current developing knowledge could become data and information to predict the knowledge development in the future, so that the future development can be predicted since now.

Based on the current fact, the knowledges are not administered and saved well. Furthermore, the local knowledge is owned by the elders, and it is very hard to be documented. Therefore, it is greatly feared that we may lose the knowledge because it may lead to the loss of a civilization. Considering those things, the information institution and the actors within the institution have a responsibility to manage and save the knowledge properly and correctly, so that it could be used by the next generation.

The conference theme, Local Knowledge, Present, and Future, can be interpreted that the traditional or local knowledge has been an issue in the knowledge preservation. In this case, the information institutions and professionals collectively attempt to collect, store, disseminate, and use the traditional knolwedge in various media. Besides, the traditional knowledge can be the identity of the society and the nation that should be preserved, so that the future generations could still take advantage of it.

We hope that the conference will generate ideas or new perspectives in collecting, managing, packaging, publishing, and utilizing the traditional knowledge. The new ideas produced from the practitioners, the academicians, and the culture observers will be really helpful for the advancement of the local knowledge management.

II. The Name of the Event

“The 3rd International Conference on Record and Library 2017”with the theme “Local Knowledge, Present and Future”


III. The Purpose of the Event

  1. To build a simultaneous scientific communication among information professionals and exchange knowledge to solve issues related to the local knowledge.
  2. To establish a forum which may lead to the creation of innovations in the fields of the local knowledge management.


IV. The Description of the Event

This event is a forum to gather academicians, practitioners, researchers, observers, and students from all over Indonesia and Asia to discuss issues related to the local knowledge management in the present time and the future through scientific paper discussions from keynote speaker, invited speaker, and conference participants.






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The 8th International Nursing Conference 2017 (INC 8)

International Nursing Conference (INC) is an annual conference that organized by Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia. Since it had been initiated in 2010, INC enters the 8th edition in 2017 with the theme of “Education, Practice And Research Development In Nursing". This conference covers the topics but not limited to terminally-ill children care, youth health behavior, nursing education innovation, geriatric nursing care innovation, innovation in pressure ulcer wound care, innovation care and research NCD, public health nursing innovation, mental health and gender issues, and maternity of nursing. This conference provides fascinating forum for researchers, academicians, students, and professionals across the world from various health science fields to interact and disseminate their researches in lastest issues. It also offers an opportunity to the participants enjoying the heritage and beauty of Surabaya and East Java.

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