Biodiversity can be defined as the variety and variability of life at molecular, species, and ecosystem levels. Biodiversity is generally considered as the basis of a global-life support system. Human welfare is deeply linked with the preservation of biodiversity. The utilization of biodiversity in various fields such as energy, health, foods, and environmental protection should be conducted in sustainable means.

The first International Conference on Biodiversity is the expansion of National Seminar on Biodiversity which is a regular event held by Airlangga University to share and discuss new researches and innovative ideas on biodiversity. The main theme of this year event is “Biodiversity: Sustainable solution for human welfare”. We invite researchers, lectures, students, industries, governments, stakeholders, and decision makers to present their results and ideas especially on sustainable biodiversity utilization in “Bioenergy, Health, Foods, and Environment” fields. All the manuscripts presented will be published as IOP proceedings.

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