2nd International Symposium and Workshop on Neurotrauma and Neurointensive Care

Symposium for Doctor
GDC Building 7th floor Dr. Soetomo Hospital
Workshop for Doctor
GDC Building 7th floor Dr. Soetomo Hospital
Registration fees
140 USD (Specialist)
35 USD (General Practitioner)
21 USD (Student)

Symposium and Workshop for Nurses
Registration fees
70 USD (Nurses)
Brain injury is still a major health problem with serious socioeconomic consequences. Although the incidence tends to decline, especially in developed countries. According to estimates, severe brain injury will be the leading cause of death and disability most often and is third in global by 2020. In developing countries like Indonesia, economic and industrial development has an increasing incidence of brain injury (Faden, A.I. 2001).
The increasing number of vehicles on the highway and the increasing mobility of the population, then the case of brain injury mainly due to traffic accidents will be increasing as well. In America in 1970 a traffic accident had occupied the fourth place as the leading cause of death, even number one in the 0-40 year age group. Brain injury cases have several specific aspects, such as the limited ability of brain cell regeneration, the possibility of life-threatening complications or causing disability, as well as mainly about men in the productive age who are usually the head of the family (Faden, AI 2001, Kraus, JF, et al. 1996, Critchley, G & Memon, A. 2009).
While in Indonesia national data on the incidence of brain injury is not currently available properly. In Indonesia, especially in Dr. Soetomo Surabaya, neurotrauma is a serious problem. From the data of brain injury patients who came to RSUD Dr. Soetomo from January 2002 to December 2006, obtained in 2002 as many as 2005 cases, in 2003 as many as 1910 cases, in 2004 as many as 1621, in 2005 as many as 1670 cases and in 2006 as many as 1588 cases. The average number of people with brain injury during the 5 years is 1.758 cases per year, with mortality ranging from 6.171% to 11.22%. This figure is higher with international literature standards, ranging from 3-8%. Based on the severity, the mortality of severe brain injury patients is still high, ranging from 25.13% to 37.14%, with a decreasing trend. This figure is relatively higher than the literature which is about 22% (Bajamal, A.H. et al. 2007).
On the other hand, Brain Injury is one part of the injuries caused by trauma. Disability rates and deaths from brain injury are still high, The mortality rate in RSUD Dr. Soetomo in 2002 s / d 2006 ranged between 6% to 12% of this situation is higher than in some of the flashlight abroad that is between 3-8%. It is encouraging that the mortality rate continues to decline year by year and in 2013 by 3%. Another thing to note is, many brain injuries occur in the productive age that would greatly affect the productivity and progress of the nation. (Guidelines for Brain Injury Management, 2014)
This is what motivated us to hold seminars and workshops entitled "2nd International Symposium and Workshop on Neurotrauma and Neurointensive Care". With the implementation of this event we hope to add insight, knowledge and experience from participants in the handling of neurotrauma patients.

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